Next up in my Class of 1984 customs is the one of the first G.I. Joe figures to include a sidekick animal. I never had a Mutt & Junkyard as a kid. So, I missed out playing with these figures. This is probably one of the reasons why I don't have a strong connection with Junkyard in particular.
I've always been kind of confused about Junkyard's breed. The art on the card has sort of a German Shepherd (pointy ear) look to me, but the action figure/accessory is most definitely a Rottweiler. However, in the comics, Junkyard is often drawn looking more like a Labrador. So, as soon as the Marauders K9s ship out from the Kickstarter, I plan on swapping out the Rottweiler statue with a fully articulate German Shepherd. Most U.S. military forces use German Shepherds anyway. If a U.S. military force ever used a Rottweiler, I can't find any info about it on the web. (NOTE: I will get emails with links to info proving the U.S. military did in fact use Rottweilers).
This custom is more of an upgrade. Swapped out Mutt's legs for DG Shipwreck. Added an MTF holster and a BBi ammo pocket. Swapped out Mutt's hands for the bigger MTF hands. I also added an Avac's Lab Revolution Cap w/ MTF Goggles for an alternative look. In Marvel Issue #26, Mutt is drawn wearing more of a ball cap with goggles, and I really like the look. Also, added a working MTF knife/sheath to the vest.
Lastly, to make the Joe Team more diversified among branches, Mutt in my Joeverse is a member of the USMC.

Here's a little comic relief scene

And here are a couple of Action Poses!


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