CLASS OF 1983 Code Name: WILD BILL

I didn't actually own the Dragonfly and WILD BILL until Christmas of 1984. That year I hit the mother load! "Santa" (with a lot of help from my mom) brought me the Killer WHALE, Water Moccasin, Dragonfly, Cobra Rattler, and various action figures. So, my Dragonfly was one of the 2nd Issue that did not have the chin gun that could tilt.
For Wild Bill, I used a blend of parts from a couple of different modern Wild Bill figures. I like the color scheme of the Dragonhawk Wild Bill, and I mixed the belt buckle and boots from the Tiger Rat Wild Bill. I wanted a younger looking Wild Bill while still keeping that Cowboy-Texan look. I think the Star Wars Rebel Endor Trooper head sculpt captures that just fine - boy howdy!
I've tried to modernize Wild Bill as an Apache Helicopter pilot. So, I've bumped his rank from a Warrant Officer to a Lieutenant. I've even got two different custom Dragonfly Apache helicopters.


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