I begin the CLASS OF 1984 G.I.Joe customs with the hottest figure from that era -- BLOWTORCH!!
The modern era G.I.Joe Blowtorch is a good figure, for what it's worth, but the sculpt cuts down on the range of articulation. Marauder's MTF-Ops figures offer a great sculpt with working articulation. I started with a Shock-Ops (black & yellow, black & yellow). Swapped out the knees and lower legs with G.I.Joe Blowtorch. The yellow parts match pretty well. Painted the black armor pieces a dark, brick red.
Really do not like the elbow pads on the MTF figures, so I took a shot and cut it off. I think it looks even better. It does allow some weird backwards hyper-extension articulation though. Swapped out the stock MTF hands with the bigger MTF hands. Dremelled the thigh pads from Blowtorch and glued them to MTF legs to fit with the holster and ammo pocket. The crowing piece (all puns intended) to this custom (for me) is the ARAH helmet and gas mask. I think the original version looks 100% better than the ME version.
Flame throwers are not used so much by the military anymore. So, I added the FLASH rocket launcher to Blowtorch's file card.

HissHissFangFan from the Hiss Tank Forums asked me to share some pics of the range of articulation using the MTF Shock-Ops body. Here are a few "action scenes"


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