The Baroness is my favorite Cobra character. The 50th Baroness body sculpt is just about a perfect modern era version of the '84 ARAH action figure. The SDCC Baroness w/ Ravage is the best Hasbro figure to date. The head sculpt, however, is slightly over sized, and I'm not happy with the way the eyebrows are painted at an angle. Plus, I hate painted skin tone. I much rather prefer skin tone molded plastic.

I like to have several versions of my favorite figures. I really like the MTF Valkyrie French braid head sculpt (probably the best current female face sculpt). Since, I knew I wanted to use the French braid sculpt as an alternative look for Baroness, I decided to use this as the base for a custom 50th version.

I Dremeled away the hair from the Valkyrie head to fit in an Avac's Lab flex-resin cast hair. Originally, I wanted this custom to have the "librarian" Book Worm glasses, but I ruined a pair trying to get them to work with the head sculpt and hair. So, my next option was the ROC Baroness "cat glasses." I think they work fine, and although they are tinted, you can see her eyes through the glasses. I think the tint gives them a bit more "tactical" look.

I also customized some alternative head sculpts. The one on the left (Resolute Baroness body) is simply an MTF Valkyrie French braid head with Book Worm glasses glued in place. I think the glasses stressed a bit in the middle when gluing the frames to the side of the head which caused the paint/plastic to lighten a bit. It looks OK though, maybe a little trendy. Not sure if the Book Worm glasses give her too much of a librarian look though.

The 3rd head sculpt is a MU Alpha Flight Aurora head with the hair slightly repositioned and the tip of the elf ear trimmed off. The glasses are Vortious Custom resin cast (Dr. Jones) glasses. I painted the frames black. I really like this version as the hair sculpt doesn't really get in the way of articulation like the SDCC Baroness hair does.


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