So, like with my HISS Tank Driver = Track Viper, this post will probably initially confuse some people. Let me explain. There is no time, let me summarize. LOL! I like the "Viper" moniker for Cobra troops, but I prefer the original "Blue Shirt" design. So, I like to find "Viper" code names that fit some of the older characters. Instead of that generic "The Enemy" code name.

So, this is ultimately an updated version of the Stinger Driver with a Motor Viper code name.


The body is a custom grey resin cast "army builder" from Vortious Customs. I'm not all that happy with how the back of the legs look with this custom resin cast. I painted some of the details to the arms and the knee pads black. Also gave the figure a wash in dark grey to bring out the sculpting details to the front of the figure.

The helmet is from ebay seller cobra1678. It's really nice! It's a custom POC Cobra helmet with a raised officer insignia molded as one piece.


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