OK, the fact that the original ARAH Stinger Drivers are actually Cobra Officers in a grey suit means that this custom is not that big of a stretch. This custom is actually inspired by HissHissFangFan's awesome reimagined Cobra customs.

See my Motor Viper (Stinger Driver) custom on explanation of the Code Name change.

The upper body is the 50th Viper Officer. The legs are from Retaliation Firefly v. 27 (the one with that funky jacket). The right thigh was almost impossible to get apart. It was almost like the plastic was welded together. I swapped out the hands for some regular swivel joint hands. I think the swivel/rocker hands that came with the figure just look odd with those arm gauntlets.

Gave the figure a wash in dark grey to help blend the two shades of grey together. The helmet is from eBay seller cobra1678. It's this cool POC Cobra helmet with a raised Cobra Officer insignia molded as one piece.

As an update to this figure (you can see the different web gear in the two pics) I swapped out the Shocktrooper web gear for the Bazooka Trooper web gear (one of my favorite). I heated the web gear up and then glued the front to the chest piece to keep it from riding up high on the neck. Then I stretched the straps around the back and glued them in place.


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